About us

Acupressure center in delhi

Acupressure center in new delhi.

What we do?

The acupressure world, an acupressure center established in new delhi in the year of 2008. At acupressure world we specializes in acupressure treatment and allied therapies. Basically we focuses on energy alignment and balance. We don't give you pills or capsules to eat, We just believe that all disease arise because of the weakness of related organ, so, at acupressure world, we just tries to energize the weak organ, so that the organ can continue to carry on it's function smoothly.

Let's take an example of common diabetes. You got stuck with diabetes, because your pencrias is out of order. Its either not producing insulin or not so enough quantity of insulin, which can control the level of glucose in your body. So instead of giving you insulin dose, we focus on, if the pancrias can be brought again to normal condition. In some cases where it has not been dead, or dead like, or non-responding, the pancrias can be reverted back to normal condition

That is what we do at acupressure world.

Our mission & Vision

At acupressure center our aim to provide effective treatment to our patient at lowest possible fee. So that even those who cann't afford expensive treatment can get healthy in minimum possible time.

determined to make our society disease free.