Benefits of acupressure treatment

Acupressure treatment points in feet

Showing acupressure treatment points in feet.

What is acupressure treatment

Acupressure treatment uses body's own energy to heal the body. An acupressure specialist does not gives you pills or capsules to swallow. Rather the acupressure expert channelize your energy line. Your acupressure expert focuses on balancing the five elementary forces — Fire, Earth, Water, Air, Sky (FEWAS). These energies passes through the meridians. When the sick organ receives enery through acupressure treatment, it feels better. After getting energized, it starts reverting back to the normal condition of being healthy.

So acupressure just uses the power of nature which already exists in your body. Your body, therefore, never gets any side effects. And acupressure treatment is just balancing your own energies, your body always responds positively and quickly. What if your body energy gets in excess? Simply it cann't, if done by acupressure expert. But this fact cann't be denied. Advice: Choose your acupressure expert carefully.

Health benefits of acupressure treatment

  • Acupressure treatment increases over all blood circulation in the body.
  • Acupressure treatment gives instant results.
  • Acupressure treatment directly reaches the sick organ.
  • No noticeable side effects have been seen during the acupressure treatment by an expert.
  • No pills, capsules or pastes to eat or rub on while you undergo acupressure treatment.
  • Acupressure treatment boosts your body's immune system.

What diseases can be healed with acupressure treatment

Short answer — All, None. In fact, it depends on — How skilled your acupressure treatment giver is? Because all diseases arose from within your body. Your kidneys get weak, so you get kidney failure. Similarly heart attack happens on weak heart. Our organs get weak due to want of energy so the disease attacks them. Acupressure treatment just passes the cosmic energy to the weak organ through the meridians in your body. So your acupressure expert has tobe skilled enough to understand the particular situation. The acupressure energy is decreased or increased, and where and how to manage the situation are some factors which decide the acupressure treatment will succeed or not.

Brief history of acupressure

Historically, its evident that acupressure treatment was born in india. Later it was brought to china through buddhist monks. Chinese repreented it under their name in The Yellow Emperor's Classic of Internal Medicine (Huangdi Neijing), from where the western world come to know about acupressure treatment.

We provide Acupressure treatment for:

  1. Acupressure Treatment for Migraine
  2. Acupressure Treatment for Diabetes
  3. Acupressure Treatment for Weight loss
  4. Acupressure Treatment for Thyroid
  5. Acupressure Treatment for Cervical spondylosis
  6. Acupressure Treatment for Hair loss
  7. Acupressure Treatment for Back pain
  8. Acupressure Treatment for Heel pain
  9. Acupressure Treatment for Frozen shoulder
  10. Acupressure Treatment for Headache
  11. Acupressure Treatment for Sinus
  12. Acupressure Treatment for Common Cold
  13. Acupressure Treatment for Gastritis
  14. Acupressure Treatment for Leg pain
  15. Acupressure Treatment for Pimple & Acne
  16. Acupressure Treatment for Asthma