Get relief from diabetes by acupressure treatment

Diabetic care by acupressure doctor

Safe acupressure treatment to cure diabetes.

An introduction to diabetes

So what is diabetes? Diabetes is just a state of body in which the body's ability to convert glucose into energy and vice versa is affected badly. Why this disability occur? The main cause for Diabetes is non/less production of insulin. The production of insulin is affected by the pancreas. Why does pancreas is affected? A lot of factors are responsible for unhealthy pancreas. Surgury, serious medical condition, long term usage of drugs, trauma, life style, eating style and many more factors are responsible for diabetes.

Acupressure treatment and Diabetes

Acupressure treatment directly cures pancreas. Acupressure treatment makes your pancreas healthy and working. A healthy pancreas over a course of time, return back to it normal work. A healthy pancreas produces insulin usually and regularly. And secreated insulin is used by body for it's normal functionality. This way you finally don't need to take insulin externally.

Some acupressure points for better management of diabetes.

Diabetes management is a daunting task. Pressing an acupressure point may need pressing another one. You may need to take care of spleen, pancreas, kidneys as well stomach in order to maintain glucose levels. However some acupressure points are seem extremely help in managing diabetes are as: SP-6, LIV-3, K-3, ST-40. You are advised to consult some experience acupressure doctor before getting into acupressure treatment.

These acupressure points discussed here are for reference purpose only. These acupressure points should not be substituted for medical care. Also self medication should not be encouraged on basis of this article.