Get relief from migraine by pressing acupressure points

Acupressure points for migraine

Acupressure treatment for migraine.

Migraine an introduction

Migraine is the direct outcome of today's life style. Stress, tension, work pressure, sleeping disorders, eating habits and lots more may lead to migraine. And further more to release work presure, we tempt to tobacco, caffeine, alcohol etc. Which in turn, affects our brain nerves more seriously. These among many others are main causes for migraine.

How acupressure treatment cures migraine

Acupressure has a very good treatment procedure to cure migraine from roots. But it takes time, that is, why migraine patients do not tend to seek acupressure advice for migraine. Acupressure doctor tries to find thr root cause of migraine. An acupressure doctor does not takes migraine pain as just any other pain. And after determing the root cause of migraine - such as shock, trauma etc - he gives you the right acupressure treatment. That is why the acupressure treatment for migraine takes time.

Acupressure points to cure migraine

  • Acupressure point 01:
    Location: in the crease between the thumb and forefinger when those fingers are pressed together
  • Acupressure point 07:
    Location: an indented point on the wrist that lies in line with the thumb
  • Acupressure point 12:
    Location: is found in the largest crease inside the wrist in line with the thumb
  • Acupressure point 26:
    Location: nostril

These acupressure points discussed here are for reference purpose only. These acupressure points should not be substituted for medical care. Also self medication should not be encouraged on basis of this article.