Stay healthy with color therapy treatment

Color treatment in hands

Color treatment given in hands.

What is color treatment therapy

The sun rays have seven colors. Those colors affect our body both positively and negatively. Simply colors are said to affect our mood and emotions. But in fact, colors have deeper effects on our body, if applied on right trigger point. That is the reason, why Hindu women wear a red bindi on their forehead, which was understood by hundu maharishis. That is why they directed the use of henna, turmeric, roli etc to color hands, feet, forehead etc.

They understood the power of colors so much that they made the color treatment therapy a part of daily life. Not only colors, but they also defined the source of the colors, such as obtain white color from sandal, yellow from turmeric, red from henna and so on. depending upon requirement of the body sources may be changed.

What're the health benefits of Color treatment

  • Color treatment immediately increases/decreases energy circulation in organ.
  • color treatment shows instant results.
  • Color treatment directly affects sick organ.
  • No noticeable side effects have been seen if the color treatment is given by an expert.
  • No pills, capsules or pastes to eat or rub on required in color treatment.
  • Color treatment boosts organ's immunity.

What diseases can be healed with color treatment

You can give color treatment for almost any disease. Provided you understand the nature & effects of colors. If you aren't well versed in color treatment, you better stay away from using color therapy. Because colors have immediate effect on organs. Color treatment just boosts the energy level in representative organ or it can immediately release energy from that organ. So if used by some skilled practioneer, the color treatment can heal even rather complicated diseases.

Brief history of acupressure

Historically, color treatment therapy was originated by the Hindu, later it spread in all over India. The Hindu have been used to wear tilak, bindi, tripund etc on their forehead as well as they have been using colors onto their hands, feet, palm, sole and fingres from ancient time. Today's modern science has just proved that colors affect our moods, feelings and emotions, however the hindu have been using the colors for health since ages.